There are a lot of ways you can make money online. I'll list below those I have already tried so keep an eye on this page.

1. Coins.ph

 - With Coins.ph, you can:

  • Pay bills and earn P5 for each unique payment. You can also make SSS contributions here. Additionally, you can earn P100 for every 5 bill payments you make in one week.
  • Buy load for all networks and not just for your own mobile number, so you'll have a prepaid loading business. Oh yeah, you also get a 5% rebate for every transaction.
  • Buy/sell Bitcoin.
  • Book tours and flights, purchase funds for your Steam wallet, send money to loved ones abroad, and many other services unique to the site.
There are several payment channels where you can deposit money into your account such as 7-11, BDO, GCash, and many others. Also if you use my referral link and complete their verification process (which involves taking a picture of your government ID and taking a selfie while holding it) you will be given P50, and you'll earn the same amount for every friend you refer into the platform. 

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2. 199jobs

- Are you into article writing? Graphic design? Data entry? Post your services on 199jobs.com and earn P150 for every job completed. Sometimes there are clients that offer long-term work especially if they like your output.

3. Onlinejobs.ph

 - Tailor your profile according to your specific skill set and take tests to further bolster proof of your capabilities. There are hundreds of available jobs here and most of them are long-term work.

- If you have an ear for transcription then TranscribeMe has loads of minute-long files waiting to be transcribed. One good thing about this site is the potential of growth as you can be promoted to the QA position by taking a test. Better invest in a good noise-canceling headset if you choose to work here.

5. Study.com

 - Study.com offers online courses with thousands of learning materials that you can watch anywhere, but since we're talking about work then you can also sign up as a contractor and, if you have a master's degree, write lessons. There are other positions available like customer support representative and video editor. Best if you bookmark this page as the job offers fluctuate, and if you're from outside the U.S. you can only choose jobs located at Multiple Countries.

6. /r/slavelabour 

- You can find freelance work here or you can sell your services. I found my ghostwriting job of two years (and counting) here.

7. YouGov

- YouGov provides surveys every once in a while, asking respondents about certain brands in the Philippines (or depending on your territory). You should download their mobile app so the surveys are delivered straight to your smartphone.

Click here for my referral link.

8. Snapcart

- Snapcart is a mobile app where you can earn money by taking pictures of grocery receipts. The app also has a ranking system where you "level up" after submitting a certain amount of receipts. Going up one rank increases the amount you can earn with every picture.


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