Friday, July 6, 2018


The doors opened.

Everyone was waiting for this moment.

They all turned towards the massive oak doors that swung inward.

There she was.

Clad in white, holding a bouquet of flowers. She slowly raised her head and looked forward, a smile formed on her lips.

She began her walk on the long red carpet, flanked by pews occupied by people who looked at her with smiles of their own. Many of them shed tears of joy, some of them grinned while aiming their smartphones towards her. Recording this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

And there I stood, watching her approach. An immaculate angel who came down from heaven.

Walking towards me.

She was just as beautiful as the day I first met her. It never faded. Hell, she just got even prettier as she got older. Her dimples were still there. Her jet-black hair gently swayed by the breeze as if it was moved by an invisible finger. Her teeth, whiter than goddamn pearls, showed as she gave me that silly grin of hers.

Yeah. My heart seriously raced. It threatened to burst through my ribs.

She was just a few steps away from me.

She's almost here.

And there she stood. Right in front of me.

I smiled. I can't help it.

Tears trailed down my cheeks.

She never said anything. I understood, of course. Even I can't say anything. We were both choked by our own emotions. After all, this is one hell of a day, an event that we'll surely be telling our grandkids in the future.

I took a very deep breath, my nostrils invaded by her sweet fragrance.

Her smile still never faded as we locked eyes. We were like frozen in borrowed time, in our own dimension where everything stopped.

Just the two of us in here. A moment we'll forever remember.

An image that will be burned in both our minds.

Then time started ticking again.

Of course, it should.

She gave me a slight nod before turning her head forward.

She continued walking down the aisle, past the edge of the pew where I stood.

Towards the one waiting for her near the altar.

And as they exchanged their vows,

I made a vow of my own under my breath:

"In the next life, I'll never let you be the one that got away."