Sunday, April 15, 2018

This Will Be The Last Time I'll Write About You

I've always thought this moment would come
When our paths diverge, our trails split up
As we walk on roads that take us further apart
Yes, we will still watch the same night sky
But we will be guided by totally different stars

I'll bring with me the words left unsaid
As I begin my journey while you head home
These thoughts, these messages, these feelings
May never see the light of day, ever
For they will be locked away for all eternity

Be that as it may, remember
You've been a part of my life's story
As I most probably have been in yours
And you'll always be in these pages
For you have touched me
And made me see the light
Made me feel warm
And made me smile

And I wrote my praises to you
All my verses have a piece of your beautiful soul
Maybe you read them before
And probably you never noticed
That you were all there
In codes, or with your name in plain sight, yet hidden
And I think it will always remain that way
In the days ahead
Even if this is the last one
A fragment of your splendor will surely still be present
In the words I'll weave

So, I wave my hand as we drift away
Your back turned towards me as I watch you fade
Oblivious. Yet that's for the better.
You don't have to know
You don't need to know
Even the world doesn't have to know

In the end I might probably regret
Letting you become the one that got away
But still I thank the heavens for allowing me
To have known someone so extraordinary like you
You might not see it in yourself
But I do

I think I'll always do...


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