Tuesday, February 6, 2018

छह सौ

"I don't see things clearly," he said
"Have to live with this 'til the end"
"The world's fuzzy, it's all unclear"
"Despite that, I'm still full of cheer"

With a smile, she listened to his words
Unlike him, she saw everything clearly
But even if things were just as hazy like his world
She can still see
How fantastic he is
His face
His grace
His smile
His dimples
His mannerisms
They were all crystal clear to her

"I've to bear with this all the time"
"From morning up until nighttime"
"A permanent solution? Not yet"
"No worries... This don't make me fret"

She nodded, her chin resting on both palms
Watching his soft lips move as he talked
Eyeing the slight curve of his jaw
How his hair flowed
How his fingers danced as he explained things
How his pearly teeth shone

Yes, she didn't need anything else to see
How magnificent he was
But as for him
Just like what he said:

"Everything is just so foggy."

Oh, he'll never see indeed...


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