Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Dreams | Delusions

Once, you might have thought that this certain thing is your dream. Something that you should pursue as there’s some weird nagging feeling deep within you that you should go after it. You believe that it will bring you to greater heights, not to mention some measure of popularity, maybe.

You are willing to make sacrifices and adjustments just to ensure that you are on track in chasing this so-called dream. Work schedules have been shifted, pastimes minimized, and sleeping hours reduced. You let go of what could’ve been very promising endeavors just for this dream of yours.

What happened though? Was it all worth it?

You stopped because something within you just…died. That drive that kept you going fizzled into nothingness. The dream itself drifted far away from you as you no longer have the enthusiasm to go after it. This glorious quest has become nothing but a goddamn snipe hunt.

Now, as you reflect on the things that you gave up and let go because of your foolishness, I hope that you realize that delusions are quite costly. There’s no going back of course as you are set on a different path.

As for you, dear reader, never ever forget to make plans first before jumping into something. Contemplate. Think hard. Make an outline if possible. Picture all possible outcomes. Trust me on this as the plans you make will make sure that your pursuit of dreams will not become a futile endeavor.


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