Monday, June 12, 2017


The military installation was crowded today with a flock of personnel in different shades of uniform. The huge rectangular structure was situated in the middle of the desert, with smaller circular buildings connected to it via steel hallways.

Jonathan shouldered his way through one of these hallways, sometimes even pushing people aside rather forcefully. He had to move fast as time was not on his side.

He kicked the steel door at the end of the hallway open. It led to a small room with an elegant red carpet and expensive wooden furniture, all lit by a huge chandelier on the ceiling. Jonathan stomped his way towards the long mahogany table where General Kevin sat, legs swinging over the edge while looking at something on a smartphone.

“All dead! All 500 men, no survivors,” Jonathan said as he tossed a folder to the general’s lap.

The general gave him an irritated look before opening the folder. It contained a report on the chaos that happened hours ago
Early this morning a massive black sphere fell from space and crashed in the desert. It sat in silence for a couple of hours until it suddenly reshaped itself like a huge wad of clay. The sphere formed eight huge legs, a long tail, and three ferocious heads that resembled no beast in Earth. The monster then marched towards a nearby town and flattened it in a matter of minutes.

The military mobilized to fight the extraterrestrial threat that lumbered towards the next town. Jonathan was among those who were deployed, the 501st soldier to cram inside one of the armored personnel carriers. They unloaded everything they had on the monster but it didn’t even get scratched. Jonathan was lucky enough to survive after hiding in a crevice on the sandy ground, but he was unfortunate enough to listen to the screams of his comrades as they were being squashed like bugs.

Jonathan pointed towards the yellow phone at the corner, "We have no choice."

General Kevin sighed, "I'd rather nuke the town along with the beast--"

Before he could finish the sentence Jonathan was already pressing the receiver against his ear. He didn’t give a damn about the grave repercussions that come after defying his superior.

Especially when you’re defying him for the sake of these two… superheroes.

"Mr. Fahrenheiiiiiiiit and Supersonic Man at your service," the former's voice oozed with masculinity.

" Yeah, uh, a town is about to be attacked. Figured we need your help, “Jonathan said. He heard his superior snicker behind him.

After a few seconds of silence Supersonic Man's annoying high-pitched voice spoke, "We'll be there in a jiffy."

Jonathan slowly lowered the receiver as he gave the general a victorious smirk. Unfortunately he didn't know that Mr. Fahrenheit was still on the line.

"Just kidding! We're on a vacation in Mars right now. Leave your message after the beep."



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