Monday, June 12, 2017

Anno Nuovo

A bright sphere of light sailed across the star-studded blanket of the night sky. It was the fourth shooting star to appear tonight, and the reported meteor shower was just starting. John sat next to the tripod of his older brother Larry's telescope, his fists busy pulling the grass out of boredom. He found his older brother's passion for astronomy as a pointless endeavor and hated it when he was forced to come along, but he had no other choice for tonight as the citywide blackout made staying at home twice as boring.

Fortunately he charged his phone earlier today. The decent radio stations were still on the air and John's earphones were of topnotch quality. His moment of zen in this agonizing night was interrupted as Larry picked him up by the arms.

"Don't just sit there you idiot. These comets won't be visiting our skies until the next 600 years," Larry gently pressed John's face to the telescope. The boy sighed as loud as he could while squinting one eye to peek with the other.

"They're just dumb falling stars!" John exclaimed as he felt not even an ounce of wonder at the sight of the cosmic light show. He yanked away from his brother's grip and returned to the grass. He reached for his smartphone that lay on the ground and noticed a crack across its screen.

John bolted to his feet and threw the hardest jab he could deliver on his brother's arm,  "LOOK AT WHAT YOU JUST DID!"

The smartphone's radio continued to play the broadcast as the DJ introduced the start of his program.

"Good evening loyal listeners and welcome to the December 21 episode of our Nightly Drive. It's me,  your host Barry Bee,  and tonight we are treated with a very wonderful shower of stars. Makes this blackout worthwhile don't you think? Anyway I hope that you've already finished your holiday shopping as 2012 is almost ending and you don't want to be caught up in the rush."


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