Monday, June 12, 2017



Kevin had goosebumps all over his arms as King Leonidas rallied his warriors to battle the Persian hordes. The fight scenes were Kevin’s favorite parts of the movie especially when the slow motion kicked in. He imagined himself as one of the brave Spartans complete with a spear, shield, helmet, cape, and ripped six pack abs glistening with sweat and blood.

He sat on the cold floor next to his best friend Jonathan, and around them were a handful of other viewers. They were in a dark room illuminated only by the huge wall-mounted LCD flanked by towering speakers. It was almost like a cinema if only they had comfortable chairs and popcorn. 

Today was the fifth time they watched 300 but the rush of excitement was still there as if it was Kevin’s first time watching it. Tomorrow they will be here again watching the Spartans make kebab out of their adversaries.

After the movie Kevin leaned towards Jonathan and whispered the same question he had every damn time they watched, “Why are the Persians so inaccurate?”

Jonathan shrugged and gave his same answer for the fifth day in a row, “Suspension of disbelief, bruh.”

They all stood up as the door at the back opened, filling the room with light. 

At the doorway stood Cooties, a towering hulk of white fur packed with muscle. His long whiskers peeked through the slits on his helmet, and his bright pink nose twitched. On his fluffy arm rested a long spear while his right paw was fitted with an iron gauntlet studded with spikes. His tail swung sideways in utter irritation. Everyone here knew that Cooties never loved his job.

With a tap of his spear on the floor the prisoners left the room and went into their respective cells to be locked up again behind bars. Tomorrow they will be herded again to the “cinema” for another action-packed hour with Gerard Butler. Kevin’s bars were kicked shut by Toodles with the kick of a paw, who then stood guard with the sound of his purring bouncing all over Kevin’s cell. 

“Suspension of disbelief… Sheesh,” Kevin whispered to himself as he lay on the uncomfortably cold and hard stone bed.


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