Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Gap You Can Reach Across, But Can Never Cross

A few moments was all that she needed to get smitten.
He was handsome.
Incredibly talented.
He could effortlessly forge words.
Mend hearts.
And save lives.
She could only imagine how lucky someone could be.
If that someone was loved by him.
Someone as extraordinary as him.
He wasn't that far from her, literally.
But there was a wide divide between them.
Cannot be crossed.
Will never be crossed.
She could try, but she'll have to use a rickety bridge.
She might fall.
She could die.
The aperture was just as long as her arm
She could reach across
But it was too wide
Perhaps in another life, maybe in another timeline.
There may be a sturdy bridge.
Or she could be in his arms.
In his protective, caring, nurturing arms.

For now there's nothing she could do.
There's absolutely nothing she can do.
But to look across the gap.
Over her shoulder.
To just watch as how amazing he is.
He'll never find out.
Maybe he'll get a clue.
Maybe she might slip a glance and their eyes will meet.
But hell, that's the closest she'll get.
Of letting him know.
Of establishing a connection.
Deeper than what they already have across this gap.

He might read her musings.
He might find out about her thoughts.
He might even manage to ask her about it.
But in the end, nothing will ever shorten that gap.
Nothing in this goddamn world will allow them to even touch fingers.

She can only look.
He can only... nothing.
She can look.
Just look.


  1. Maybe they should drink Milo to bridge the gap. Hehe love this my friend ��

    1. And wake up in the champion way :P
      Thank you broski