Saturday, November 19, 2016


Yesterday I was cutting tomatoes for dinner with a small knife.
Effortlessly I sliced these little red guys and removed the insides with one hand (I don't really eat those parts). In the end I had them all chopped up in small square cuts ready to be sprinkled with salt.
So what does this have to do with anything?
I remembered back then during my teenage years when I was cutting tomatoes. My hands trembled with every slice, the guts splattered all over the chopping board, and the end product was a hodgepodge of different geometric shapes.
Now I could do it all with just one hand.
The thing is, everything improves with practice. The example above might be lame for you people who are well-versed in the kitchen; but the said example is a big deal for people like me whose culinary experience is only limited to eggs and the microwave.
Are you starting out on a new hobby?
Are you writing fiction and notice that your sentences don't look so good? Or is your story riddled with cliches and plot holes?
Did you just start drawing two days ago and you can't get past stick figures?
Are you struggling with how to properly use your DSLR camera?
Are you learning a new language?
Be consistent.
Do not give up.

Remember, nobody is an expert in anything in life from the get-go. Everyone starts at the very bottom. The only thing that separates the successful from those who failed is the willingness to go up regardless if it's rain or shine.
You can do it. :)


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