Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Project Flash Piction - December 2016

Winter is coming and what better way to keep warm in this season of cold than to... write.

That's write right, try writing everyday for 31 straight days and you'll surely feel toasty inside.

If you do want to commit to the pen and paper for a month then I suggest that you join us in Project Flash Piction (PFP). "What is it?" you might ask.

Project Flash Piction involves writing a story based on a picture you took / a friend sent you / you found on  the internet. Alternatively you can write a story first then take a picture based on it. You will be writing the said tale on a small notebook, preferably one that's just as large as your palm, and only two pages tops. It is a challenging experience as you'll be hard-pressed on thinking of a new story every single day. Also, no editing. The story you'll write is a first draft.

Here's one of my entries from the previous PFP last October. Just click it to read it in full size.

Interested? Click here to register.


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