Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper until it forms a specific figure. There are many shapes that can be created ranging from simple cubes to more complex three-dimensional animals and flora.

Orizuru is the perhaps the most famous of all origami designs. It is alternatively known as the "origami crane" and it is also made more popular by the legend of Sadako Sasaki. If you are not familiar with that story then let me tell you a bit about her.

Sadako Sasaki was but 24 months of age when the atomic bomb Little Boy decimated Hiroshima. She survived but it took years before her exposure took its toll. Sadako developed leukemia which became increasingly worse. A hospital roommate told her about "senbazuru", the Japanese legend that grants a wish to those who folded one thousand paper cranes as it is believed that the bird symbolized longevity. Sadako began folding but only managed to create 644 pieces before succumbing to illness, although some sources including her parents claim that she actually finished the goal.

The orizuru also represents happiness and peace. If you unfold one and look at its insides, you'll see a lot of unattractive creases on the paper. Fold it back together and you'll see a beautiful paper crane.

Put yourself in the picture and think about it: the creases are the hardships, trials, pains, and failures that you have endured. They may be unappealing to look at but they all help form into what you are now: a beautiful and happy person.

If problems ever come knocking again, remember that it will just be another crease that will help make you better and stronger.


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