Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Bad memories, broken trust, traumatic events.

These are but some of what damages a person's heart, and we all know how extremely fragile that thing is. The negative actions that we go through leave cracks, and the more we are hurt the more these jagged tendrils elongate.

And we all know what happens once something fragile gets too damaged. Maybe the next touch will inevitably shatter it.

Of course there is always the possibility of repair for things that are damaged. A vase may be glued back again like a bizarre jigsaw puzzle, but the end result might turn out to be nothing but a shell of its former beauty. In the long run the glue's strength might not be able to hold the pieces together and the vase may again crumble.

Some people might not even bother to get themselves repaired. They'll just hide the fragments from everyone and put up a false face that tells that they are okay, but beneath that facade is a visage of utter pain and sadness.

Do not fret, for there is another solution:

Kintsugi (or kintsukuroi) is a Japanese form of art dating back in the 15th century that involves gluing together broken pieces of pottery with lacquer and then covering it with gold powder. The end result makes the pottery even more beautiful with the cracks giving it some form of golden charm.

Kintsugi has also become a philosophy wherein the broken pieces resemble us and the lacquer and gold that holds our pieces together shows the world that we are beautiful after recovering from the damages. The scars from the past make us stronger, the memories, the pain, everything that happened to us have made us what we are. The fact that we are still standing here despite all that has happened is a testament to our fortitude and it makes us shine like the gold that covers the fissures of the porcelain.

So the next time you find yourself damaged and broken into pieces, remember that you may cover those cracks with gold. The gold that comes from your own strength in handling the pain, and the love of those who truly care for you.


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