Tuesday, November 15, 2016

< 200: Styling Serendipity

Styling Serendipity puts the spotlight on fashion designer Olivia and hunky pediatrician Jake as they both slide down the slippery heart-shaped slope of love towards each other's arms. Aside from the cute pair the story is also populated by an assortment of other characters who are there to support, or hinder, the protagonists. It is a fun and light read with moments that will surely bring a smile to the lips and make the heart pound an extra beat or two per second, especially on the pages where the two lovebirds are present together. Even if you're not into the romance genre like me, the book still works its magic in making you feel the warm fuzzies.

Styling Serendipity is penned by Racquel Sarah A. Castro and she has other published works both in romance and in other genres. Click here to check out her blog.


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